The COOL community is very active, with over 1200 teachers* forming its base. They are active in over 60 certified Partner Schools, Impulse Schools, and Innovation Schools and organize themselves through numerous events and partnerships.

Those schools which voluntarily commit to the COOL quality criteria are allowed to call themselves COOL Partner Schools. The certificate is valid for three years and can be renewed as part of a recertification process.

COOL impulse Schools also voluntarily certify themselves according to the quality criteria. Additionally, they also make their know-how available to other schools and teachers through school visits. The certificate is valid for three years.

The Innovation Schools are the flagships of the COOL community!

The multipliers are active beyond their school. They share their practical knowledge and experiences and can be requested for further training, COOL certifications, etc. At the annual multiplier conference, they exchange experiences and know-how. By changing the way you lead, you can amplify the intelligence, talent, and passion of your fellow teachers and together with them master the challenges “today’s schools face”.

The activities and initiatives of the Partner, Impulse, and Innovation schools of the COOL community are supported by the COOL association.

The Impulse Centre leads and coordinates the teachers’ initiative.

The COOL community has already grown beyond the borders of Austria. Currently, there are COOL partners in Germany, namely the COOL network in Lower Saxony with several certified COOL schools and the Studienseminar Stade. Other activities have taken place so far in Italy, Hungary, Guatemala, Kosovo, and the Netherlands.