The “Verein zur Förderung des Cooperativen Offenen Lernens” (Association for the Promotion of Cooperative Open Learning) is the legal entity of the COOL-Impulszentrum. Acting on behalf of civil society, yet the educationally oriented pillar of COOL. It is an independent extra-institutional partner for all types of schools, schools abroad, and beyond for the entire educational sector. The association is also a cooperation partner for EU projects. In addition, it participates in the organization and implementation of events (congresses, conferences, excursions, …) and obtains or manages the necessary funding. With a voluntary contribution, institutions (schools, adult education institutions, …), as well as individuals, can become members and thus actively support the spread of the COOL idea.

Bank details: BAWAG/PSK – IBAN AT19 6000 0402 1008 0467